Protect your property - 

Optimize your interior climate

Rysta - The solution for mould prevention in newly built and renovated buildings 

Mould - a constant threat for many buildings 

Mould  threatens every building, especially newly built  or renovated residential buildings.   


Mould can lead to high expenses and  health consequences, whether it is caused by construction defects or improper ventilation. 


The Rysta Mould Guard Solution 


The Mould Guard Sensors are installed in your apartments. 

These sensors measure continuously room temperature and humidity.  


The Landlord Portal offers you as an owner an overview of the aggregated state of your properties. 


In the Mould Guard App the residents of your apartments receive detailed information of the interior climate as well as airing assistance.


Value adding for both

resident and owner:  

Airing recommendations lead to a good interior climate and the apartment is protected from mould. 

For the owner:  

Protection of the building from hazardous climate conditions and relevant information for the landlord.

For the resident: 

Short-, medium- and longterm analysis of humidity and temperature, mould warnings and airing assitance for the tenant. P

Our references

"Rysta helps my residents to create an ideal room climate, to prevent both mould and dry nasal mucosas. A high-grade new building requires a change in the airing  behavior of many users. Rysta protects - with aggregated measurement data combined with an smart algorithm - the health of my residents and my property as a landlord. " 


Peter Kreilinger,

"In our building the Rysta Mould Guards help us to air properly. Moreover, we no longer forget to close the windows again."  


Claudia Nagel, new building, Berlin-Mitte