Indoor Air Quality & Climate Monitoring

Real estate is now about much more than just space. Residents and occupiers are looking for better environments, better services, better health and increased productivity. 

Owners and operators on the other hand want to attract and retain the right tenants, protect their assets and increase their asset's value.

RYSTA offers a digital platform for air quality monitoring and asset protection through remote transparency

A plug and play, end-to-end IoT platform that provides real time insights for creating healthy, comfortable environments and protecting your assets.

Create Value for Residents and Occupiers

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors however the quality of our indoor air is often forgotten about or ignored. Numerous studies have found poor air quality contributes to allergies, Asthma and related symptoms.

RYSTA monitors the internal environment providing occupiers with real time actionable insights and risk alerts. Occupiers can now ensure healthy air and comfortable environments at all times.

Residents and Occupiers​

  • Peace of mind their air quality and indoor environment is safe and healthy

  • Create clean, healthy air at home and at work through timely ventilation

  • Create a comfortable climate for living and work

  • Prevent mould growth and protect against allergies and health issues caused by it

  • Improper ventilation causes energy loss. Know when and for how long to ventilate to optimise energy efficiency

Protect Your Assets Through Transparency

As owners and operators transparency across your different property assets is difficult, if not impossible. Knowing that occupiers are properly looking after your property is essential to retaining value and preventing damages.

RYSTA​ provides transparency across all of your assets and is an early warning system for mould growth and potential leakages. Through environmental monitoring RYSTA gives you peace of mind knowing you will be alerted if something is wrong.

Owners and Operators

  • Avoid rent reductions and costly repairs from mould damage. With our mould algorithm take preventative measures before mould grows.  

  • Detect leaks or major water issues early through our early warning system

  • Future proof your building through smart data collection

  • Increase value of your assets through our expandable smart building platform

  • Increase value for residents and occupiers by offering air quality and climate monitoring


RYSTA's IoT Platform offers:

  • Plug and play, easy to install system. No need for cables and wiring.

  • 24/7 transparency into the indoor climate

  • Actionable insights and risk alerts delivered straight to your dashboards or phone

  • Different dashboards and alerts for different stakeholders (occupiers, operators and owners). Each stakeholder sees timely and relevant information

  • Keep historical records about the asset

  • Wireless data transmission

  • Plug and play. Simple installation,

  • Open APIs to input and analyse third party data from other sensors and sources. This creates an expandable, versatile platform for future proofing a building