A Plug & Play Platform For Smart Buildings

RYSTA helps owners and operators attract and retain tenants, increase asset value and protect their assets.

As the real estate industry moves increasingly towards a service model, owners and operators must find new ways to offer value, stand out and create outstanding user experiences.

Indoor Air Quality & Comfort
Mould Prevention
Smart Building & Optimisation
Elderly Care Monitoring

One Platform Puts Your Home, Office or Building Online

Data and technology can be confusing, RYSTA wants to simplify it. 

We offer an end-to-end IoT platform with sensor hardware, data analytics, automated alerts and front ends. With our plug and play solution you can easily put your new, existing or renovated building online.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors measure indoor conditions and wirelessly send data to the cloud

Cloud Analytics

A powerful analytics platform generates actionable insights about your assets 

Multiple Front Ends

Different stakeholders see different levels of data and insight

Multi Sensors

RYSTA's multi sensors continuously monitor conditions in your home, office or building. Data is wirelessly sent to the cloud.

  • Measures 6 environmental metrics

  • USB Powered

  • WIFI connectivity for data sending

  • Small and inconspicuous

Data Analytics & Dashboards

Powerful Data Analytics

  • RYSTA analyses your data in the cloud

  • In-house developed algorithms create actionable insights

Stakeholder Dashboards

  • View insights about your assets remotely, at anytime

  • Different dashboards for different stakeholders allow segregation of data

Automated Risk Alerts

  • Receive risk alerts direct to your device

Plug & Play System

Easy to install and set up. No cables or wiring. For new builds, renovations, existing 


Commercial Grade Monitoring

Commercial quality sensors and analytics at affordable prices.

Expandable Platform

Open APIs allow for third party sensor, data and front end integration.


RYSTA seeks to advance people and the built world of tomorrow through IoT technology.


RYSTA gives you 24/7 remote transparency into your property assets, so you can create healthy, safer, more productive environments. The platform's flexibility allows customisation to your specific needs without needing to invest in building and maintaining your own solution.

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