All added values at a glance

Gesundheit & Wohlbefinden

Improve health &

By regularly monitoring air quality, you can identify unhealthy indoor conditions and take direct action to create a healthier environment.

Plug & Play Lösung

Plug & Play solution for
existing buildings

Can be used directly and everywhere, no high investments necessary. Make your building "smart".

Joint health protection

Through the CO2 traffic light children will learn from an early age to pay attention to air quality and to ventilate regularly.

24/7 Data collection

of the six indoor climate parameters: CO2, air temperature, humidity, volume, brightness, air pressure.

Data storage

Current and historical building data is stored in the cloud and made available for further analysis (server located in Germany).

CO2 traffic light

makes the CO2 concentration in the room equally visible to all users.

Safe workplace for
teachers and educators

Comply with and demonstrate occupational safety regulations for employee retention and recruitment.

Increasing productivity

Fresh air at the right time and the right signals from RYSTA promote productivity and a sense of community.

Education on the importance of indoor climate

Understanding the importance of spatial and global climate early on helps protect yourself, others and the planet.

Validated data on the use and condition of the building

With the help of the data, redesigns and targeted renovations can be initiated, which has a positive effect on the distribution of (often tight) budgets.

Time savings for the building manager

Awareness of irregularities coupled with data-based optimization approaches.

Maximum energy saving

Changed behaviors combined with sound indoor climate data have a positive impact on energy balance and spending.

Quick and easy instead of complex

Using RYSTA Protect is very easy. We show you what you want and should know about your buildings - and then do the rest.

We are here for you

RYSTA Protect will change with the times - just as the world changes. In the future, we will continue to follow your needs in our planning. Thus, we plan the integrative use of RYSTA data with other technologies, e.g. smart heating systems. We work hand in hand with you - now and in the future.

Indoor climate monitoring makes you attractive

As a climate-friendly and future-oriented company, you increase your positive external perception and image

RYSTA Dashboard

Past and real-time data, insights and notifications on desktop, for Android & iOS.

Air quality indes

The RYSTA air quality index gives a fixed reading to measure the indoor air quality in your building.

Optimize room management

Get insights and sound space utilization data to best manage your available space.

Reduce risk of infection &
sick days

Good air quality has been proven to help reduce the transmission of pathogens and improve health. As a result, you sustainably reduce absences due to illness.