Sustainable and transparent ESG Strategy with RYSTA

ESG Strategy with RYSTA

RYSTA Protect as a building block of your ESG strategy

Our contribution to the sustainability of your building and company

Energy Saving Regulations, Digital Facility Management, Smart Metering or Innovative Building Management Systems - these buzzwords are giving you a headache right now? Let us clear things up! You have probably taken the first steps to formulate and implement your ESG strategy. With over 600 ranking and rating standards, it is not surprising that ESG strategies still lack systematic structures and instead are individual and inconsistent. This makes it all the more important to create facts with RYSTA data. With our RYSTA Protect Multisensor, we support you in collecting the relevant data of your building stock, support your reporting and in deriving optimizations - in short: on your way to ESG compliance.

CO2-Ampel für Schulen

Our technology + your data = answers to many questions
Building blocks for your ESG reporting

We provide the digital data space for emerging and changing building data for achieving

  • Transparency according to Articles 6, 8 and 9 of the EU Taxonomy
  • Indoor air quality reports
  • ESG-compliant building or sustainable employer certification
  • Objective derivation of measures to optimize the indoor climate or the building operation

With our technology you increase sustainability by

  • Preserving and selectively redeveloping existing buildings
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Avoiding mold growth
  • Using resources mindfully

How to keep your employees and your buildings healthy

  • Disclosure on CO2, pollutant or noise levels for compliance with occupational health and safety guidelines
  • Compliance with ISO standards
  • Humidity and temperature evaluation for mold-free building operation
  • Analysis of lighting and volume and consulting service for optimization
  • Increased productivity and concentration
  • Allergy prevention through healthy indoor climate
  • Lower probability of transmission of (viral) diseases
RYSTA Dashboard

Whether via smartphone, laptop or tablet: Thanks to the interactive dashboard, you always have all ESG data at a glance

How does the RYSTA Protect solution work?
CO2, pollutants & co.

The multisensor measures the indoor climate which includes CO2, pollutants (VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds), temperature, humidity, air pressure, volume and light. The black box "old existing building" is a thing of the past. In the RYSTA Protect Apps (Web, Android, IoS) you get full transparency on indoor climate data, room usage and energy saving potential and keep an eye on the problem of mold growth. Calmness, concentration and good air increase everyone's productivity and satisfaction.

Our mission is the sustainability of your building
RYSTA, Environmental Social Governance and Sustainable Development Goals.

The 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the main component of the 2030 Agenda, with which the global community has committed itself to enabling a dignified life and, at the same time, permanently preserving the natural foundations of life. All 17 goals can be assigned to one of the three ESG criteria, the fulfillment of which is in turn decisive for real estate valuation in our environment. Those who are ESG-compliant now will prevent the value of their real estate from declining, will continue to secure access to capital or benefit from being an attractive employer.

E(nvironmental) RYSTA supports you in dealing efficiently with energy in your buildings, in optimizing it in a targeted manner and in proving it

S(ocial) RYSTA supports you in complying with occupational health and safety guidelines and in achieving and demonstrating high standards of health protection

G(overnance) RYSTA supports you in being an inclusive and sustainable employer through innovative facility management

"I previously wrote in HBR about the positive correlation between indoor air quality and cognitive function, where costs to implement are ($40 per person per year) are dwarfed by the productivity benefits ($6,500 per person per year)."

Professor Joseph G. Allen - Healthy Buildings

Act now to preserve the value of your property

Together with our partners, we are happy to support you in interpreting data and deriving actions. Use RYSTA and our expertise in real estate digitization to make your data ESG-ready. Contact us at or book an appointment here on our website.

Gute Luftqualität in allen Räumen

Good air quality in all rooms

Monitor and improve the air quality in your building, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your building, tenants and employees.

Diskreter Hinweis durch CO₂-Ampel

Gains through better indoor climate

Harvard studies show that investing in a healthy building can increase organizational profitability by up to 10% and rental rates per sq. ft. by 3 - 7%.*

ESG & Maßnahmen zur Energieeinsparung

ESG & energy saving measures

Create the basis for reporting temperature reductions and CO₂ savings for various regulations. Because the climate crisis affects us all.