The smart room climate sensor for good air in daycare


Our mission for best indoor climate

Indoor air control as a new standard of modern building management

RYSTA Protect uses the latest smart technologies to create a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. Thanks to the integrated sensor technology, the air in the room is monitored around the clock and you are informed when and how long you need to ventilate - thus simultaneously fulfilling ESG criteria and creating ideal working and living conditions in your building.

Energy balance and room climate
Reduced energy and heat loss in all rooms

In times of energy crisis and climate change, it is particularly important to pay attention to the optimal use of heat and energy. Especially in the cold months, ventilation is often done haphazardly, wasting valuable resources. Thanks to the simple traffic light system, RYSTA Protect shows you in real time when the ideal moment to ventilate is. With the help of the RYSTA dashboard and analysis, a learning process can be expected here, which also pays off in the long term for a better energy balance - and incidentally, optimal ventilation also helps to improve air quality and reduces the risk of infection. In addition, five other measured values such as air temperature and humidity are recorded.

Ob per Smartphone, Laptop oder Tablet: Dank des interaktiven Dashboards haben Sie immer alle Raumklimadaten im Blick

Better indoor climate for best play fun and development
How to create ideal indoor climate conditions for your daycare

RYSTA Protect offers protection for educators and children from virus transmission in daycare - especially during the cold and heating season in fall and winter. This provides more safety, contributes to health protection and helps to create better environments for playful learning and having fun. Because good air and an optimal indoor climate promote development - and increase everyone's productivity and satisfaction.

Good air quality for the youngest

RYSTA monitors the air in your children's facility and ensures greater health and well-being. In addition, the children and your employees are better protected against virus transmission in fall and winter.

Good air quality in every room

Monitor and improve the air quality in your facility and create a safe and healthy environment for your children and staff.

Discrete indication through CO2 traffic light

With the discreet visual indication of the integrated CO2 traffic light, you are immediately informed when the CO2 concentration is too high. Without disturbing fun & games.

ESG & energy saving measures

Create the basis for reporting temperature reductions and CO₂ savings for various regulations. Because climate change affects us all.


Customer references

"Before we had RYSTA, we ventilated according to feeling and individual needs of the caregivers*, so now (through RYSTA Protect) we have the advantage that regular ventilation of the rooms corresponds to an objective requirement."

Judith Hansmann

Ev. Zionskirch-Daycare

"Before we had RYSTA, there was uncertainty as to whether regular shock ventilation was sufficient for the air quality in our premises, or whether the installation of air filtration systems was necessary. The installation of the CO₂ traffic lights has created a transparent tool for everyone to keep a constant eye on the air quality in our premises. They therefore contribute to everyone's sense of safety."

Iris Schottmüller

Head of Building Management
Daycare "Helmistrolche"